Nine factors that should never push you to say 'I do'

Written on 06/26/2018

Marriage is such a lovely union. The joy of ending up with the 'love of your life' is something you would find so hard to trade. Notwithstanding, here are some factors which should NEVER push you into saying 'I do' before you are ready. 

Peer Pressure

"You are who you associate with", "Birds of the same feather flock together". These are some statements which are going to make you feel that because your friends/mates/peers are all getting married, you should too. The pressure to get married increases as your mates get married. However, this is the wrong reason for you to tie the knot. We all have our timelines and trust me, yours is different from the next person's. 

Dream Wedding

It's definitely not wrong to have a fairy-like bride or a prince charming groom, lovely wedding protocol, heavy banquet, sweet music, beautifully dressed people and all the other lovely things at your wedding. But, if having a dream wedding is your reason for getting married, it's a big 'MISTAKE' and should sound a big 'NO' in your mind. The wedding day would surely come to pass. But when things get dicey in the marriage, you wouldn't even recall how pretty you looked on that wedding day or how perfect everything was.


Most religious beliefs are against sex before marriage. You may have found yourself in that kind of situation and you feel that the only license for you to feel the pleasure that comes from sex, is by getting married. You would have this driving force that pushes you to say 'I do' so that you can freely have sex. However, this is equivalent to being penny wise and pound foolish. There are a lot of things that happen in a marriage and sex is just one of them albeit one of the most important according to many couples. So, sex should NEVER be a reason for your marriage. 

Wedding gifts

This may sound funny, but the gifts many people receive on wedding days are sometimes so many that you might feel like you should get married too. The attention, the lovely messages from well-wishers and a lot more, make you feel anxious and excited to get married. Nonetheless, this should not give you a reason to step into the lifetime commitment of marriage. 

Escaping parental control

In order to avoid parental constraints at every turn and in a quest to finally become completely independent, marriage may seem to be an 'escape route'. Parental control may sometimes be boring and irritating. Nevertheless, no matter how boring it becomes, marriage is NOT a solution. The problems associated with marrying the wrong person are by far worse than dealing with parental control. 


These days, age is seen to be the reason why many people rush into various things in life. Some people go as far as believing that a lady above 28 cannot make a good wife. Others would say, "Life begins at forty". Whoever carried out this analysis is entitled to his or her own point of view. Your age should not be the reason why you rush into a marriage which may not bring you happiness. Things happen at their own time. Be patient.

Societal Pressure

There is no doubt that at a certain point in life, society helps to mount pressure on you. Sometimes, you find it hard to attend a wedding because people keep bombarding you with "you're next" kind of statements. Pressure from every angle (friends, colleagues, parents) is most likely to force you into marriage. Never forget that marriage is between you and your spouse. The people mounting pressure on you will be outsiders after you get married. So, don't let the pressure get to you. 

A very long period of courtship

This happens a lot. Maybe you've been in a relationship with somebody for too long that out of pity or shame, you decide to marry that person. You could refer to it as being stuck in a relationship. You probably don't feel anything for this person but since you guys have been together like forever and you are at that 'what are you waiting for marital age', you think it's right to get committed. Very wrong reason. If you cannot bear with your partner's attitude during courtship, you definitely can't do it in your marriage. Be wise when making the very important decision of who to spend the rest of your life with. 


Children have become a binding factor for many couples. Many people stay together because they have children together. It should interest you to know that having children does not guarantee compatibility. Pregnancy should never be the reason why you engage in the complicated task of marriage. You are expected to be in that union for the rest of your life. 

It is our wish that none of the factors mentioned above should push you to the altar. This article is brought to you by The TESHO Family Center alias the TFC. Please do well to read the other articles on this website. We are interested in giving you a stress-free life. Feel free to contact us via email - TESHO- happy at home, safe at work.