Premarital preparation - the 'safety belt of marriage'

Written on 06/15/2018

One true fact is that premarital counselling reduces the chances of divorce

There are many classrooms, home study and/or test prep hours which go into establishing one’s career. But, we do not have any formal training to take on one of the most important and challenging tasks; creating a happy relationship: Couples face numerous challenges – with in-laws, differences about financial priorities, managing the home, career paths, raising children etc.

One true fact is that premarital counselling reduces the chances of divorce. So many misunderstandings in marriage these days occur due to lack of preparation.

The fact that a marriage should be built on love doesn’t mean that love is the only thing that holds a marriage together. It is easier to keep the flame burning when the coals are still glowing than when the flame is completely snuffed out.

These days, people are more interested in the ceremony than the marriage itself. Marriage is a lifetime commitment and just like any other vocation in life, you must be ready for it. Without TESHO prenuptial preparation, a young starry-eyed bride will have a rude awakening when she realizes that her prince charming after all. In the same way, the young groom may think that his princess was exchanged at the altar for a wild cat.

Marriage is not about romance or living happily ever after. That is the stuff of fairy tales. However, prenuptial understanding can lead to being happy most of the times.

The passion will not last forever. So, couples should focus on ways to keep the flame burning for a very long time. Without prenuptial preparation, a marriage that started off in passion land will readily end up in coldest Siberia, the land of no return.

Just like you put your seat belt on in order to reduce your chances of sustaining fatal accidents in a journey, you need premarital counselling to ensure a safe ride during your marital journey. TESHO is here for you. You can call us or send a WhatsApp message to 677603939. You can equally drop your comment below. Have you ever engaged in premarital counselling? What is your take on premarital counselling – Important or not?