Creating healthy work relationships (The TESHO solution)

Written on 06/15/2018

Most diseases these days are stress-related; either at home or at work. Work is where people spend the majority of their time. The Team Spirit Holistic (TESHO) concept is focused on reducing stress and its effects on persons. This explains why TESHO is aimed at ensuring happiness at home and safety at work. «Relationships with colleagues can take a tremendous amount of energy and focus », says Sharon Alpert, a life management therapist at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Mass. « When you’re able to engage in a healthy way with your colleagues, it energizes and motivates you. It boosts your confidence, helps temper everyday stress and encourages positive thinking. »

It is very important for you to build healthy relationships with your co-workers. Alpert says that « we are so preoccupied with the trouble we’re having at work that we miss out on the positive energy that friends and family offer. It can even cause us to be alert for the same negative messages at home even when they are not there. » Believe it or not, your situation at work is reflected in your behaviour at home and vice versa. A bad day at work would most often be seen at home when you get angry over petty things.

Work relationships can sometimes be hard to spark, especially when you are new to the job. Some healthy work relationships come naturally, while others take more effort. Some turn into friendships, while others remain strictly professional. Whatever the case, try as much as possible to ensure that your relationships at work should never reach the point of being unhealthy.

Here are some tips we think can help you realize your goal of creating healthy relationships and reducing stress ;

  • Offer what you want to receive: The « treat people the way you want to be treated rule » applies everywhere, including the workplace. Talk to people the way you would love them to talk to you. Most times, a person’s attitude towards you is a reflection of your attitude towards that person. You control your colleague’s actions and attitudes, through your own actions and attitudes.
  • Accept your colleagues (teammates): If you want to create healthy relationships with members of your team, accept them as they are. Do not try to force them to follow your timelines, or to reason exactly as you do. Accept their points of view and learn from them. Do not try to compare them to teammates you have worked with before or to employees of another company. This will only help to strain your relationship with them.
  • Approval: Giving approval goes further than just accepting. Approval focuses on the positive qualities of a person. You can always find something to approve of in a person and something to disapprove of. In creating healthy relationships, focus on approval. Be a positive personality by highlighting something you can approve of in your colleagues, thus bringing out the good in them.
  • Apply the magic of appreciation: The word « appreciate » really means to rise in value, while, the opposite « depreciate » means to lower in value. Treat people as valuable. Thank your teammates, Don’t keep people waiting if you can help them, treat people as ‘special’. Do not give your teammates a routine treatment. Make each one of them feel valuable. That will increase their value and boost your relationship with them.
  • Communicate: Feel free to express your thoughts and emotions. Sometimes, a lack of communication can be more stressful than normal work stress. Most mental illnesses are gotten because people do not speak out. There is no harm in making your voice heard. However, communication equally entails listening. Be a good listener. This way, it becomes easy to build good relationships.

Besides, all the points mentioned above, it is equally important that you relax and take it for granted that you’ll be liked, develop a positive attitude and accept personal and cultural differences. Above all, take an example from mother nature; Flowers know how to attract bees. They create nectar so that in the course of eating this nectar, the bees can help in their pollination process. The lesson to learn here is « be nice ».

TESHO has been able to offer talks on work relationships to workers of various companies in Cameroon like CFAO technologies, ORANGE Cameroun, MTN Cameroun, MAHIMA supermarket and several others. We hope you found this article to be of great help. Feel free to call us or send a WhatsApp message @677603939. TESHO – the hug that heals.

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