Five things you didn't know your wife needs from you

Written on 06/10/2018

Most men are tempted to think that all a woman needs is money.

They tend to feel that showering a woman with gifts is all what will make her happy. This write up is not meant to imply that a woman does not need all those gifts and money. However, gifts make up just one of her needs. In the Team Spirit Holistic (TESHO) program, we summarize these needs into 5Ts.

  1. Do you make out Time for your wife?

  2. What about giving her a loving Touch?

  3. How often do you Talk with her?

  4. Do you practise Team Spirit Holistic living in your marriage?

  5. And lastly, which you probably have been doing, is giving her Things.

If you were keen enough, you would notice that your wife needs Time, Touch, Talking, TESHO living and  Things. Maybe the absence of these items in your marriage has made it boring. Find Time to Talk to your wife. Touch her and make her believe in TESHO living. Finally, mister, give her Things.

The TESHO team is excited to make your marriage thrill. Feel free to contact us directly either by a phone call or WhatsApp message @677603939