Acknowledging and working on our weaknesses

Written on 05/16/2018

TESHO - the hug that heals.

Sometimes, we do nothing about our weaknesses. We just feel comfortable with them, that we bring up statements like, "this is how I was created", " if you can't understand me, leave ", "Anyway, you are not forced to like me". Dear coach (wife), you were not created to be annoying, rude, nagging or disrespectful.

You were created to be a helpmate. Likewise, dear team captain (husband), you were not created to be brutal, drunk, abusive or irresponsible. It is your duty to love your wives and treat them well.

Therefore, work on those weaknesses. As individuals, try every day to improve on your character in order to keep your relationship stronger with time. Feel free to contact us via email. TESHO - the hug that heals.